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Rob McKittrick
Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Justin Long
"A Hilarious and Relatable Look at Restaurant Culture"

Posted Sunday, Dec 24, 2023 186

Waiting... is a comedy film that delves into the lives of the staff at a generic restaurant. The story follows the trials and tribulations they face on a daily basis, including rude customers, quirky coworkers, and the chaos of the kitchen. At the center of the plot is the character Dean, who is contemplating leaving the restaurant industry for a desk job. As he waits for his life to change, he navigates the ups and downs of working in the service industry.

The movie explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the monotony of working in a dead-end job. The tone of the film is a blend of raunchy humor and heartfelt moments, offering a realistic portrayal of the restaurant industry and the people who work in it.

The ensemble cast delivers standout performances, capturing the essence of each character with authenticity and humor. Ryan Reynolds shines as the charismatic and sarcastic Monty, while Justin Long portrays the relatable and likable Dean. The supporting cast, including Anna Faris and David Koechner, adds depth to the ensemble, creating a memorable and diverse group of characters.

Director Rob McKittrick effectively captures the chaos and camaraderie of restaurant life, infusing the film with energy and authenticity. His direction allows the cast to shine and brings the comedic and dramatic moments to life in a way that feels both genuine and entertaining.

Waiting... movie review

The soundtrack complements the scenes well, enhancing the comedic and poignant moments throughout the film. The music adds an additional layer of emotion and humor to the storytelling, elevating the overall viewing experience.

The cinematography expertly captures the fast-paced environment of the restaurant, immersing the audience in the hustle and bustle of the setting. The use of handheld camera work and dynamic framing creates a sense of immediacy and realism, enhancing the storytelling.

The production design effectively recreates the look and feel of a typical restaurant, from the bustling kitchen to the eclectic decor. The attention to detail in the set design adds to the authenticity of the film, allowing the audience to feel fully immersed in the restaurant environment.

While the film does not rely heavily on special effects, the practical effects used to simulate the chaos of the kitchen and the restaurant dynamics are seamlessly integrated. The practical effects add to the comedic and chaotic atmosphere of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Waiting... movie review

The editing maintains a brisk pace, keeping the narrative engaging and the comedic timing sharp. The seamless transitions between scenes and the well-timed cuts contribute to the film`s comedic rhythm, allowing the humor to land effectively.

The pacing of the film is energetic and dynamic, reflecting the frenetic nature of restaurant life. The narrative moves along briskly, balancing comedic moments with heartfelt character interactions, ensuring that the audience remains engaged from start to finish.

The dialogue is witty, irreverent, and peppered with humor and authenticity. The exchanges between the characters feel genuine and relatable, capturing the camaraderie and banter that often define workplace relationships. The sharp and spirited dialogue adds depth to the characters and enhances the comedic atmosphere of the film.

While Waiting... offers a humorous and insightful glimpse into the world of restaurant culture, it occasionally relies on stereotypical characterizations and predictable plot points. Additionally, some may find the raunchy humor to be off-putting, limiting the film`s appeal to a more specific audience.

Waiting... is a hilarious and relatable comedy that offers an entertaining and honest portrayal of the challenges and camaraderie found in the restaurant industry. The engaging performances, authentic depiction of the setting, and sharp wit make it a must-see for anyone who has worked in the service industry or enjoys irreverent workplace comedies.