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Leigh Whannell
Logan Marshall-Green, Betty Gabriel, Harrison Gilbertson
"Tech Meets Terror: A Dive into the Sci-Fi Masterpiece `Upgrade`"

Posted Wednesday, Nov 22, 2023 338

Blending visceral action with a thought-provoking narrative, `Upgrade` unfolds as a gritty tale of revenge in a near-future world. After a technophobe, Grey Trace, is left paralyzed and his wife is brutally murdered, an experimental computer chip implant called STEM gives him a chance to walk again and seek justice. But this gift comes at a profound cost, challenging the very essence of his humanity.

The film masterfully interweaves themes ranging from the dangers of technological dependency to the essence of consciousness and free will. It has a dark and foreboding tone, juxtaposed with moments of dry humor, serving to both unsettle and engage audiences in equal measure.

Logan Marshall-Green delivers a stellar performance as Grey Trace, allowing audiences to sympathize with his plight while also contemplating the moral quandaries he faces. The supporting cast convincingly populates this near-future world with a sense of authenticity and pathos.

Leigh Whannell`s direction is tight and focused, creating a compelling narrative that holds the viewer`s attention without veering into excess. His command of visual storytelling amplifies the thematic weight of the film.

Upgrade movie review

The score by Jed Palmer is understated yet highly effective, enhancing the film`s atmosphere and heightening the emotional stakes without becoming overbearing.

The cinematography is both sleek and gritty, embodying the story`s dual nature of polished technology and raw human emotion. It gracefully captures the action sequences with a sense of innovation and fluidity.

The production design strikes a balance between the relatable and the futuristic, creating a world that is both advanced and disturbingly plausible.

`Upgrade` uses its special effects judiciously, bolstering the narrative without overshadowing it. The seamless integration of practical and computer-generated effects supports the film`s visceral impact.

Upgrade movie review

The editing is sharp and deliberate, driving the narrative forward with a rhythm that keeps the viewer engrossed. It skillfully manages the tension and release throughout the film`s progress.

The film maintains a brisk pace without sacrificing character development, ensuring that each scene feels necessary and impactful.

The dialog is snappy and evocative, often serving a dual purpose of fleshing out the world while also underscoring its underlying themes.

Although `Upgrade` brilliantly contributes to the sci-fi genre, some may find its plot twists predictable and the ending controversial. However, these elements seem integral to the film`s message, prompting discussions on human-technology relationships.

With edge-of-your-seat suspense and provocative ideas, `Upgrade` is a cinematic experience that resonates on an intellectual and emotional level. It`s a film that does not merely entertain but also invites reflection on our potential future, evoking both awe and unease long after the credits roll.