Total Recall

Len Wiseman
Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale
"A Dazzling Mind-Bender, Yet Souless Remake"

Posted Wednesday, Nov 22, 2023 102

Total Recall plunges us into a dystopian future where factory-worker Douglas Quaid`s quest for meaning catapults him into a world of espionage and rebellion, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.

The movie juggles themes of identity, memory, and personal agency, all wrapped in the bleak tones of existential dread. Questions like `What is real?` and `Can we trust our memories?` permeate the narrative, but the film struggles to match the philosophical depth of its predecessor, opting for a more action-centric tone.

Colin Farrell brings a palpable everyman quality to Quaid, but his performance lacks the nuance in portraying a man teetering between two realities. Supported by Kate Beckinsale`s relentless intensity and Jessica Biel`s resilience, the characters feel lively in action but somewhat flat emotionally.

Len Wiseman provides slick and stylish direction, ensuring that Total Recall moves at a breakneck pace, though sometimes at the expense of depth and originality that the 1990 film exemplified.

Total Recall movie review

The score is an adrenaline-pumping accompaniment to the high-octane sequences, though it seldom resonates beyond the surface-level excitement.

Crisp and teeming with visual flair, the cinematography captures the sprawling urbanscapes and frenetic action scenes with precision and gloss, rendering a world that`s as mesmerizing as it is cold.

Production design is a high point; the world of Total Recall is a visual marvel with its towering cityscapes and futuristic technology. It is a seamless blend of grimy, tangible environments and sleek, high-tech polish.

The special effects are cutting-edge, lending weight and wonder to the film`s many chase scenes and techno-thrills. However, their overuse sometimes overshadows the need for a more gripping narrative.

Total Recall movie review

The film`s editing is razor-sharp, delivering action sequences that are coherent despite their complexity. It keeps the viewer engaged, even if the frenetic pace doesn`t allow much breathing room for the characters` development.

The relentless pace is exhilarating but also exhausting, leaving little room for introspection or emotional investment in the characters` journeys.

The dialog serves its purpose but doesn`t evoke much weight, with one-liners and exposition used liberally but failing to offer memorable quotes or deeper insights.

While Total Recall boasts an impressive visual spectacle and breakneck action, it feels more like a shadow of its source material rather than a thought-provoking sci-fi narrative. The film stuns visually but doesn`t resonate emotionally, missing the heart and curious wonder of its predecessor.

Total Recall (2012) makes for a diverting watch, especially for fans of action-packed sci-fi. However, it left me with a feeling of slight emptiness, a yearning for the film to have taken a deeper dive into the philosophical quandaries it lightly brushes against. It dazzles the eyes, but unlike the mind-bending adventures of its characters, ultimately fails to leave a lasting imprint on the heart or mind.