Brett Ratner
Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane, John Hurt
"Mortal Strengths and Mythical Weaknesses - A Hercules Retelling"

Posted Monday, Nov 20, 2023 116

Hercules follows the legendary Greek demigod as he leads a band of mercenaries to complete a heroic task. Eschewing the mythical for a more grounded approach, the plot twists the typical Hercules narratives, focusing on a man fighting both his past and present.

The movie attempts to intertwine themes of fate vs free will and the nature of mythology and legend. Hercules explores what it means to be a hero beyond the supernatural. The tone toggles between somber character study and boisterous action-adventure.

Dwayne Johnson`s portrayal of Hercules is both physically impressive and emotionally resonant, anchoring the film with his charismatic performance. The supporting characters, occasionally veering into the territory of stereotypes, are nonetheless entertaining and provide comedic relief.

Director Brett Ratner aims for a brisk narrative, albeit sometimes at the cost of character development. His direction keeps the action coherent and visually engaging, despite struggling with tonal inconsistencies.

Hercules movie review

The score sways with the grandiosity expected of an epic saga, offering a blend of thunderous orchestrations to accompany Hercules` feats of strength and quieter moments of reflection.

Cinematography captures the breadth of ancient battlefields and intimate confrontations. It serves the action well, though some settings could benefit from a more distinct visual flair.

The production design pays homage to ancient Greece while infusing elements of fantasy. It creates a convincing world that teeters between history and legend.

Special effects shine during combative clashes with mythical beasts, although they can falter, occasionally revealing the limitations of the film`s budget.

Hercules movie review

Editing moves the action scenes along briskly but sometimes cuts moments short that might otherwise have allowed for character and plot development.

The film`s pace is its saving grace; it moves swiftly, ensuring that viewers are rarely bored, though it can sacrifice depth for the sake of speed.

Dialog ranges from witty one-liners to attempted epic speeches. Nonetheless, it sometimes misses the mark, bordering on clichéd.

Hercules offers a fresh take on the legend but falls into the trap of prioritizing style over substance. Johnson`s performance is commendable, but the supporting cast isn`t given much room to grow. Moments of personal growth for Hercules shine through, but are swept away by the next action sequence too quickly.

As the credits rolled, I found myself conflicted. There`s an undeniable charm to Johnson`s Hercules—a demigod wrestling with his humanity that captures our imagination. However, the film`s rush to action and spectacle often undercuts its emotional core. It leaves audiences entertained yet hungry for a story that fully explores the mythic potential it so tantalizingly hints at. In the end, Hercules is a movie that flexes its muscles but shows its mortal limitations all too clearly.