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Lenny Abrahamson
Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Joan Allen
"A Boundless World Within Four Walls: `Room` Reviewed"

Posted Saturday, Nov 18, 2023 117

The gripping and heart-wrenching tale unfolds as we follow the lives of Joy `Ma` Newsome and her five-year-old son Jack, who are confined to a single small room. Their journey of escape and adaptation to a world beyond the room forms the crux of the narrative.

The film navigates through themes of love, hope, and resilience under bleak and harrowing circumstances. It`s suffused with a melancholic, yet at times surprisingly uplifting tone, portraying the human capacity to find light in the darkest of situations.

Brie Larson delivers an Oscar-winning performance, evoking a maelstrom of emotions as `Ma`, while Jacob Tremblay, as Jack, astonishes with a nuanced portrayal that is mature beyond his years. The on-screen chemistry between the pair adds depth to their characters` unbreakable bond.

Lenny Abrahamson masterfully leads with a sensitive and unflinching hand, navigating through difficult subject matter without ever losing touch with the story`s heart.

Room movie review

The poignant score by Stephen Rennicks beautifully accentuates the emotional landscape of the film, subtly undergirding the narrative without becoming intrusive.

Danny Cohen`s cinematography brilliantly juxtaposes the claustrophobic confines of the room with the overwhelming expanse of the outside world, reinforcing the film`s emotional dichotomies.

The meticulous production design creates a tangible sense of confinement, transforming a small space into an entire universe for the film`s protagonists.

Though not heavy on special effects, the movie`s use of visual storytelling enhances the emotional charge without the need for digital intervention.

Room movie review

Nathan Nugent`s editing is seamless, contributing to a tight and effective storytelling rhythm that enhances the narrative without distracting from it.

The film moves at a deliberate pace, reflecting the painstaking days in captivity and the rush of new experiences upon liberation, which resonates deeply with the viewer.

`Room` communicates volumes through both its dialogue and its silences. The script is crisp, conveying the innocence of Jack and the protective nature of Ma with authenticity.

If there is one point where `Room` might falter for some, it would be in its second act, which might seem slow to those seeking more conventional tension. However, this pacing is essential in depicting the authentic psychological trauma of adjusting to an unseen world.

Watching `Room` is a visceral experience that clutches at the soul. The film resonates with the profound resilience of the human spirit and the bond between mother and child. It`s a story that lingers with you, echoing in the small spaces we overlook and the vast world we often take for granted.