The Handmaiden

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Park Chan-wook
Kim Min-hee, Kim Tae-ri, Ha Jung-woo
"A Labyrinth of Passion: ‘The Handmaiden’ Seduces and Betrays"

Posted Saturday, Nov 18, 2023 107

Set in 1930s colonial Korea and Japan, director Park Chan-wook’s ‘The Handmaiden’ is a sumptuous erotic thriller that unveils the story of a young Korean thief, Sook-hee, who becomes a handmaiden to a secluded heiress, Lady Hideko, with a scheme to defraud her of her fortune. However, this plan is quickly tangled in a web of seduction, deceit, and unexpected emotions.

The film deftly explores themes of sexuality, freedom, and power. It oscillates between dark, suspenseful tones and moments of sheer eroticism, underpinned by a rich subtext of political and social commentary.

The performances are stellar, with Kim Tae-ri convincingly embodying Sook-hee’s cunning naivety, and Kim Min-hee portraying Lady Hideko’s complex blend of vulnerability and aristocratic coldness. The chemistry between the leads is electric, and the supporting cast bolsters the film’s captivating psyche.

Park Chan-wook’s direction is meticulous and visionary, using a precise blend of rich visuals and narrative to guide viewers through his beautifully twisted tale. His ability to command the story’s twist and turns cements his status as a master storyteller.

The Handmaiden movie review

The score, both lush and haunting, mirrors the film’s intricate moods and adds layers to its already striking atmosphere.

Chung Chung-hoon’s cinematography is nothing short of breathtaking. Each frame is carefully composed, often feeling like a vivid and lurid painting brought to life.

The film’s production design is exquisite; historic details are captured with an artisan`s eye, and the luxurious estate where most of the story unfolds is almost a character itself.

Special effects are used sparingly, allowing the film’s real magic to emerge from its story and execution rather than visual tricks.

The Handmaiden movie review

Its editing is a triumph, carving the narrative into three distinct parts that enhance the mystery and suspense, keeping the audience at the edge of their seat.

The film moves with a deliberate pace, allowing the tension to simmer and the intoxicating story to envelop the viewer.

The dialog is both sharp and poetic, weaving languages and innuendo seamlessly while framing the characters’ intricate dynamics.

If one were to nitpick, there are moments when ‘The Handmaiden’ might feel indulgent in its runtime, but these moments are few and are overwhelmingly outweighed by the film’s rich textures.

‘The Handmaiden’ is a masterful depiction of manipulation masked by beauty. The film seduces not just its characters but the audience, wrapping them in a world that’s at once opulent and treacherous. It`s a cinematic experience that leaves you entranced well beyond its final, haunting frame.