Like Stars on Earth

02 h 42 m
Aamir Khan
Darsheel Safary, Aamir Khan, Tisca Chopra
"A Journey of Illumination: Reaching for the Like Stars on Earth"

Posted Saturday, Nov 18, 2023 90

The narrative of `Like Stars on Earth` unfolds around Ishaan, a young boy with an undeniable artistic flair, whose creativity is stifled in a world that measures worth through academic achievement. The story meticulously follows Ishaan`s struggle with dyslexia and the consequential academic hurdles and social alienation he goes through, until an empathetic teacher enters his life, leading to a transformational journey.

Rooted deeply in the themes of understanding, compassion, and acceptance, the film expresses the complexities and the delicate nature of child development. It portrays an uplifting tone in the advocacy for every child`s right to learning and the celebration of unique talents.

Darsheel Safary`s portrayal of Ishaan is poignant and soul-stirring. His wide-eyed wonder and despair capture our hearts. Aamir Khan, as the perceptive art teacher, delivers a performance that`s understated yet impactful, truly bringing out the chemistry between the teacher-character and his pupil.

Aamir Khan`s directorial finesse is evident in his expert handling of such a sensitive subject matter. He depicts Ishaan`s world with a compassion that resonates, harnessing visual storytelling to empathize with the boy`s struggle.

Like Stars on Earth movie review

The soundtrack, a mix of playful and emotive compositions, underscores the highs and lows of the narrative, reinforcing the emotional core of the film. `Maa`, a heart-wrenching piece, particularly highlights the emotional tenor of the film.

The cinematography captures the innocence and imagination of childhood. Ishaan`s colorful inner world contrasts starkly with the grey-hued realm of his academic struggles, using visuals to emphasize the film`s central themes.

The production design mirrors the dichotomy of Ishaan`s life: the artistic vibrancy of his imagined spaces against the oppressive structures of his schooling environments. This contrast creates a canvas that invites viewers into the protagonist`s psyche.

Subtle and thoughtful, the special effects do not overpower but rather enhance the storytelling, especially during the sequences that depict Ishaan`s unique way of perceiving the world around him.

Like Stars on Earth movie review

The editing weaves together Ishaan`s reality and fantasy, with seamless transitions that maintain the pace while allowing viewers to absorb the gravity of his experiences.

The film paces itself to reflect the internal rhythm of its young protagonist. While it can feel slow in parts, this deliberate pacing allows the audience to fully engage with the emotional stakes of the story.

The dialogues range from playful to profound, often piercing through the surface to reveal deeper truths about education and human potential. They are delivered with a sincerity that adds to the authenticity of the characters.

If there is critique to be had, it may be directed at the film`s length, which some might argue allows for an occasional drift in narrative tightness. Furthermore, the film`s optimistic resolution, while heartwarming, might seem idealistic when compared to reality.

Like Stars on Earth is a heart-wrenching yet ultimately uplifting ode to the triumph of the human spirit. The film, through its poignant portrayal of Ishaan`s journey, left me with a hopeful afterglow and a renewed appreciation for educators who recognize and nurture the unique brilliance in every child. It resonates as a reminder that everyone can shine brightly – like stars on earth – when given the chance to embrace their individuality.