How to Have Sex

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Molly Manning Walker
Mia McKenna-Bruce, Samuel Bottomley, Lara Peake
"Mastering the Intricacies of Intimacy: A Lighthearted Journey"

Posted Tuesday, Nov 14, 2023 91

How to Have Sex navigates the tumultuous and often comedic journey of a young couple exploring their sexual relationship while contending with societal pressures and personal insecurities.

The film treads through the delicate themes of intimacy, self-discovery, and the pursuit of pleasure with a refreshingly humorous tone, juxtaposing vulnerability with the absurdity of societal norms.

The protagonists deliver authentic performances that cleverly balance between relatable discomfort and comedic timing. Their chemistry is palpable, encapsulating the audience`s hearts with their earnest journey towards emotional and physical connectivity.

The direction is bold and considerate, navigating risqué subject matter with a finesse that makes it approachable, guiding the audience through laughter and reflection with a steady hand.

How to Have Sex movie review

The score is playful yet insightful, accentuating the film`s comedic elements while also providing a tender backdrop for the more heartfelt moments, crafting an auditory experience that mirrors the film`s emotional rollercoaster.

Cinematography captures the intimate moments with a delicate gaze, using close-ups and warm lighting to create an environment that’s ripe for both sensitivity and hilarity.

The production design is modern and stylized, each location chosen serves to echo the characters` internal struggles and their evolving relationship with each other and the world around them.

Special effects are used with subtlety and care, reserving their impact for moments that warrant an extra layer of visual storytelling without ever overpowering the narrative.

How to Have Sex movie review

Editing is sharp and effective, particularly during sequences of emotional turmoil or physical comedy, allowing the film’s pacing to mirror the awkward yet exhilarating steps of the couple’s journey.

The pacing of the movie is a carefully orchestrated dance that waltzes between frenetic comedic interludes and lingering, poignant scenes that allow the audience to breathe and connect with the characters.

With dialogue that is witty, revealing, and oftentimes laden with double entendres, the script is a gem that effectively portrays the complexities of communication in relationships.

While the film excels in humor and heart, it occasionally skims past deeper opportunities for character development. Furthermore, some viewers may find the film`s approach to sensitive topics too cavalier, potentially overshadowing the poignancy it occasionally achieves.

How to Have Sex resonates deeply as a feel-good film with a rambunctious spirit. It`s a cinematic escapade that captures the awkwardness and beauty of intimacy through a comedy lens, possibly leaving you with a smile, a bit more wisdom, and a lightness of being. The essence of the film lies in its ability to democratize the conversation around sex, laying bare the fact that, when it comes to love and physical connection, we are all perpetual learners.