It Lives Inside

01 h 39 m

Desperate to fit in at school, Sam rejects her East Indian culture and family to be like everyone else. However, when a mythological demonic spirit latches onto her former best friend, she must come to terms with her heritage to defeat it.

Bishal Dutta
Megan Suri, Neeru Bajwa, Mohana Krishnan
"A Haunting Journey into Darkness"

Posted Wednesday, Nov 01, 2023 51

In `It Lives Inside`, a young couple moves into a secluded cabin, only to discover an evil presence lurking within. As they start experiencing unexplained paranormal events, they must unravel the dark secrets of the cabin`s past to survive.

The movie delves into themes of fear, loss, and the depths of human depravity. Its tone is ominous and foreboding, slowly building tension and sending shivers down your spine.

The cast delivers strong performances, bringing believable and sympathetic characters to life. Their fear and desperation are palpable, making the audience emotionally invested in their journey.

The director has crafted a haunting atmosphere that keeps you on edge throughout the movie. The use of lighting and shadows adds to the sense of dread, while the pacing ensures that suspense never wavers.

It Lives Inside movie review

The haunting score enhances the movie`s eerie atmosphere, perfectly complementing the chilling visuals and intensifying the sense of impending horror.

The cinematography is visually stunning, capturing the beauty of the secluded setting while also highlighting the sinister elements lurking within. The use of wide shots and tight close-ups adds depth and intensity to the scenes.

The production design is impeccable, with attention to detail in creating a rustic cabin that feels both cozy and menacing. The set design effectively immerses you in the characters` world and adds to the overall sense of unease.

The practical effects in `It Lives Inside` are skillfully executed and enhance the horror elements. The subtle use of CGI when necessary is seamless and never detracts from the realism of the eerie occurrences.

It Lives Inside movie review

The editing is tight and keeps the pacing consistent. The transitions between scenes are seamless, heightening the tension and allowing the suspense to build organically.

The movie strikes a balance between slow-burning suspense and intense moments of terror, ensuring that you`re constantly engaged without ever feeling overwhelmed. The gradual escalation of horror keeps you invested until the very end.

The dialog is well-written, natural, and serves to reveal the characters` motivations and fears. It never feels forced or clichéd and adds depth to the storytelling.

While `It Lives Inside` effectively creates a terrifying atmosphere and showcases strong performances, it occasionally relies on familiar horror tropes. Some scenes could have been further developed to heighten the impact of the scares.

Overall, `It Lives Inside` is a chilling horror movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It expertly combines atmospheric terror, strong performances, and a captivating story to deliver a haunting experience that will stay with you long after the credits roll.