The Devil All the Time

02 h 18 m
Antonio Campos
Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgård, Riley Keough
"A Gritty and Haunting Tale of Desperation and Corruption"

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The Devil All the Time is a complex and interwoven tale set in the post-World War II era, following the lives of several individuals in a small town in Ohio and West Virginia. The story is driven by a range of characters, including a young man named Arvin Russell, a troubled war veteran, a corrupt sheriff, and a sinister preacher. As their lives intersect, the film explores themes of faith, sacrifice, and the dark underbelly of rural America.

The film delves deep into themes of religion, violence, and the struggle for survival. There is a pervasive sense of despair and moral decay throughout the narrative, as characters grapple with their own demons and the repercussions of their actions. The tone is bleak and unrelenting, creating a haunting atmosphere that lingers long after the credits roll.

The stellar ensemble cast delivers raw and intense performances, bringing complex and flawed characters to life. Tom Holland shines as Arvin Russell, portraying both vulnerability and ferocity with remarkable depth. Additionally, Robert Pattinson is chilling in his portrayal of the manipulative and corrupt preacher, while Sebastian Stan captivates as the morally ambiguous sheriff. Each character is intricately developed, adding layers of depth to the story.

Director Antonio Campos exhibits a masterful touch in his storytelling, skillfully weaving together the various narrative threads with precision and authenticity. His adept direction captures the gritty and tumultuous nature of the source material, immersing the audience in the visceral and unforgiving world of the film.

The Devil All the Time movie review

The haunting and evocative score by composer Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans perfectly complements the film`s dark and foreboding tone. The music sets the mood for the unfolding events, adding an additional layer of emotional depth to the storytelling.

The cinematography in The Devil All the Time is striking and evocative, capturing the stark beauty and harsh realities of the rural landscapes. The visuals enhance the immersive experience, offering a window into the desolate and unforgiving world inhabited by the characters.

The production design effectively recreates the time period and setting, immersing the audience in the gritty and atmospheric world of the film. The attention to detail in capturing the rural landscapes and the period-specific aesthetics adds authenticity to the overall presentation.

While the film relies more on practical effects than CGI, the few instances of special effects are seamlessly integrated, enhancing the impact of key moments within the story without overshadowing the raw and grounded feel of the film.

The Devil All the Time movie review

The editing contributes to the film`s immersive storytelling, effectively navigating the intricate narrative structure while maintaining a sense of tension and urgency. The seamless transitions and pacing heighten the emotional impact of the unfolding events, keeping the audience invested from start to finish.

The Devil All the Time maintains a deliberate pace, allowing the story to unfold organically while building tension and suspense. The measured pacing serves the narrative well, creating a sense of foreboding and drawing the audience deeper into the characters` fraught journeys.

The dialogue in the film is sharp and impactful, giving voice to the internal struggles and moral dilemmas faced by the characters. Each line is carefully crafted to reveal deeper layers of the characters` motivations and conflicts, adding nuance to the gripping narrative.

While The Devil All the Time is a compelling and thought-provoking film, its unflinching portrayal of violence and moral decay may be disconcerting for some viewers. Additionally, the intricate narrative and ensemble cast may require a heightened level of engagement from the audience to fully appreciate the interconnected storylines and character arcs.

The Devil All the Time is a haunting and immersive cinematic experience that leaves a lasting impression. From its raw and intense performances to its evocative visuals and storytelling, the film delivers a potent and riveting exploration of the darker facets of human nature and the struggle for redemption. It is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant journey that stays with you long after the credits roll.