Hubie Halloween

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Steven Brill
Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Julie Bowen
"A Spooktacularly Goofy Adventure in `Hubie Halloween`"

Posted Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 104

Adam Sandler brings his signature brand of comedy to the spooky season in `Hubie Halloween`. Set in the Halloween-obsessed town of Salem, Massachusetts, the movie follows Hubie Dubois, a well-meaning community volunteer with a heart of gold and a knack for finding himself in the most hilariously frightful situations. As he attempts to keep his fellow townsfolk safe on the spookiest night of the year, Hubie finds himself in the midst of a real investigation to uncover a mysterious figure causing chaos around town.

`Hubie Halloween` is a humorous take on the Halloween genre, infusing it with a sense of community, self-acceptance, and the power of kindness. Despite the ridicule Hubie faces, the tone of the film remains lighthearted and playful, using the Halloween setting to explore themes of courage and the importance of being true to oneself.

Adam Sandler, as Hubie, carries the film with his usual mix of slapstick humor and affable charm. The supporting cast, including familiar faces like Kevin James, Julie Bowen, and Steve Buscemi, brings a range of quirky and memorable characters to life, each contributing to the small-town tapestry of Salem with their unique personalities.

Under the direction of Steven Brill, `Hubie Halloween` manages to balance its comedic beats with seasonal creepiness. Brill succeeds in crafting a family-friendly Halloween film that caters to both younger audiences and Adam Sandler fans.

Hubie Halloween movie review

The soundtrack invokes an air of whimsy and suspense, mixing classic Halloween tunes with lighthearted original scores that complement the film`s vibe perfectly.

The cinematography captures the festive spirit of Halloween, with rich autumnal colors and dynamic camera work that adds a lively feel to Hubie`s misadventures around town.

The production design boasts imaginative Halloween decor that transforms Salem into a quintessential hub for all things spooky. Each set piece, from the haunted house to Hubie`s eccentric home, is thoughtfully crafted to immerse the viewer in the Halloween spirit.

While `Hubie Halloween` is not reliant on cutting-edge special effects, the ones present serve the comedy well, emphasizing the over-the-top nature of some gags without overshadowing the storyline.

Hubie Halloween movie review

The editing style encompasses quick cuts and visual gags that maintain the film`s brisk pace, ensuring the laughter keeps coming.

The movie moves at a steady clip, with comedic scenarios and intriguing plot developments unfolding at a rhythm that keeps audiences engaged without feeling rushed.

Dialogue in `Hubie Halloween` is peppered with humor, with Sandler`s characteristic voice work and clever one-liners that play well with the silly yet heartfelt tone of the film.

While `Hubie Halloween` treads familiar territory and may not innovate the genre, its reliance on well-worn tropes can feel repetitive. The humor, situational comedy, and jokes can be hit or miss, depending on the viewer`s affinity for Sandler`s comedic style. Critics looking for more depth or subtlety in their Halloween fare might find this offering too superficial.

Watching `Hubie Halloween` is akin to diving into a bag of assorted Halloween candy; it`s a brightly mixed bag with something bound to entertain everyone at the party, albeit with some throwaway bits. It`s Sandler`s warm, goofy heart at the center of the film that ultimately leaves you with a sense of joy and a reminder not to take life—or yourself—too seriously. In a world that often feels dark and scary, Hubie`s unrelenting optimism and determination to do good is the sweet treat we didn`t know we needed.