Triangle of Sadness

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Ruben Östlund
Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean, Woody Harrelson
"Triangle of Sadness – A Darkly Satirical Look at the Beauty Industry"

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Triangle of Sadness follows the story of a young supermodel, Mioko, who is struggling to maintain her career in the high-stakes world of fashion. As she navigates the pressures of the industry, she becomes entangled in a complicated love triangle with a fellow model and her billionaire benefactor. The film delves into the cutthroat nature of the beauty industry, exploring the exploitation and objectification of individuals in pursuit of perfection.

The movie explores themes of vanity, decadence, and the toxic culture of the beauty industry. It presents a darkly satirical tone, blending moments of humor with a stark portrayal of the damaging effects of societal beauty standards.

The performances in Triangle of Sadness are captivating, particularly those of the lead actors. Their portrayal of the complex dynamics within the fashion world is compelling and raw, drawing the audience into the emotional turmoil of the characters.

Director Ruben Östlund brings a unique vision to the film, skillfully blending satire and social commentary. His ability to draw out authentic performances from the cast and craft visually stunning scenes is evident throughout the movie.

Triangle of Sadness movie review

The score in Triangle of Sadness adds to the ambiance of the film, enhancing the emotional depth of the narrative. It effectively captures the glamour and darkness of the fashion world, enriching the viewing experience.

The cinematography in Triangle of Sadness is visually striking, with sweeping shots that capture both the opulence and emptiness of the fashion industry. The use of lighting and composition adds to the thematic depth of the story.

The production design in the film is lavish and extravagant, reflecting the luxurious lifestyle of the characters. From the high-end fashion shows to the sleek interiors of luxury homes, every detail contributes to the immersive world of the movie.

While Triangle of Sadness doesn`t heavily rely on special effects, the subtle use of visual enhancements effectively heightens the surreal and fantastical elements of certain scenes, adding to the overall atmosphere of the film.

Triangle of Sadness movie review

The editing of the film maintains a deliberate pace, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the world of the characters. It effectively weaves together the various subplots, creating a cohesive and engaging narrative.

The pacing of Triangle of Sadness is deliberately slow, mirroring the languid nature of the fashion world while building tension and anticipation. While this may not appeal to all viewers, it contributes to the overall tone of the film.

The dialogues in the movie are sharp and thought-provoking, offering insights into the superficiality and disillusionment prevalent in the beauty industry. The exchanges between characters are rich with subtext, adding depth to their relationships and motivations.

One potential critique of the film is its pacing, which may feel slow to some viewers. Additionally, the satirical nature of the story may not resonate with all audiences, as it presents a cynical view of the fashion world. However, these elements are integral to the film`s thematic exploration and overall tone.

Triangle of Sadness is a visually striking and thematically rich exploration of the dark underbelly of the beauty industry. It offers a thought-provoking commentary on societal standards of beauty and the consequences of relentless pursuit of perfection. The engaging performances, compelling direction, and stunning cinematography make it a must-see for those intrigued by satirical social commentary.