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Sarvesh Mewara
Kangana Ranaut, Anshul Chauhan, Varun Mitra
"A High-Flying Tale of Courage and Patriotism"

Posted Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 90

Tejas is an invigorating portrayal of the Indian Air Force, presenting the story of a female IAF pilot which possesses all the tenets of an exhilarating venturous drama. The narrative challenges the conventions of war films while delineating a patriotic story of national security, individual valor, and ceaseless dedication towards duty.

The film beautifully juggles themes of patriotism, gender equality, and courage, presenting a distinct tone of optimism amid high-stakes tensions. The narrative is colored with granules of bravery and the sacrifices our soldiers make, with an undercurrent of empowering femininity making a pronounced appearance throughout.

Our lead actress adeptly carries the emotional heft and physicality required by the designated role, delivering a stirring performance which stands as one of her best. The supporting cast also leave a profound impact, providing the film its drama and emotional core.

The director navigates the narrative with finesse, bringing out nuanced performances from his cast and orchestrating large-scale combat scenes tinged with high tension and raw emotion. The narrative pacing is astutely maintained, making the film a consistently intense viewing experience.

Tejas movie review

The film`s soundtrack impeccably complements the narrative, elevating key moments with a blend of robust anthems and mood-setting scores. Each musical piece feels well placed, augmenting emotions and adding layers to the storytelling.

Tejas flaunts some dazzling cinematography, capturing the majestic skies and nail-biting aerial combat sequences with proficiency and style. It combines the visceral energy of the action scenes with quieter, more contemplative moments, providing an engaging visual narrative.

The film’s production design is highly commendable, with military bases, aircraft, and costumes reflecting a meticulous attention to detail. It enriches the authenticity of the narrative, taking you right into the heart of the action.

The special effects are a standout feature, elegantly depicting the aerial battles and breathtaking stunts, amplifying the peril and tension. Despite the high stakes they effectively avoid falling into hyperbolic territory.

Tejas movie review

The editing is solid, maintaining a seamless balance between the epic aerial sequences and the character-driven drama. It ensures a tight narrative flow, with transitions that cleverly engage the audience`s attention throughout.

The film moves at a deliberate pace, effectively alternating between high-speed action sequences and emotionally resonating quieter moments. The rhythm never feels disjointed, creating a captivating viewing experience that consistently holds the audience’s interest.

The dialogues are crisp and impactful, echoing the courage and indomitable spirit of the armed forces personnel. They are used judiciously, contributing significantly in amplifying the film`s emotional depth, and providing memorable moments.

While the film`s ambition and production scale is commendable, it occasionally suffers from genre clichés, potentially diluting the narrative`s impact. However, the stellar performances and well-crafted action sequences more than compensate for these minor shortcomings.

Tejas offers a thrilling cinematic experience, packed with high-octane action, emotive storytelling, and rousing performances. It`s a film that resonates on a visceral level, leaving you misty-eyed with patriotism and admiration for the bravery of our defense forces.