Totally Killer

01 h 45 m

When the infamous `Sweet Sixteen Killer` returns 35 years after his first murder spree to claim another victim, 17-year-old Jamie accidentally travels back in time to 1987, determined to stop the killer before he can start.

Nahnatchka Khan
Kiernan Shipka, Olivia Holt, Julie Bowen
"Strikingly Eccentric, Chilling yet Engaging – ‘Totally Killer’ Will Transcend You into the World of Eerie Thrill"

Posted Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 62

The plot of Totally Killer revolves around the dark, chilling and thrilling adventures of a group of friends unfolding a mysterious series of events. Axis meets intrigue with brutal reality, evoking an other-worldly crossbreed of horror & mystery.

The movie is drenched in comic horror themes and interlaced with a mysterious tone. It effectively displays themes of friendship, bravery and believability clashing with the unknown. The dark tone impeccably accentuates the malevolent facet of human nature.

The casting is perfectly tuned to the ethos of the story. Each actor skillfully attunes to the character, making them relatable yet unique. The raw and authentic performances from the lead actors bring a fresh twist to the horror genre.

The cineaste has brilliantly executed his directorial finesse, orchestrating a tale that keeps suspense alive till the very end. Their ability to maintain a consistent dark tone throughout increases the thrill in every scene.

Totally Killer movie review

The score, a major backbone of the film, adjusts aptly with the tone, inducing chills and tension at the right intervals. The music adds pointers to the underlying mystery throughout the movie.

The cinematography is elegant in its eeriness. The strategic use of low-key lighting and unorthodox shot angles build up an unsettling aura that complements the horror-thriller genre.

With a focus on visual storying-telling, the production design successfully renders a hair-raising atmosphere. The settings, costumes, and props align very well with the overall narrative adding much-needed authenticity to the film.

Special effects in ‘Totally Killer’ are commendably realistic. Though not very flamboyant, they are subtly integrated, making them more believable and enhancing the overall scary yet comic vibe of the movie.

Totally Killer movie review

The editing is snappy and efficient, maintaining a fluent pace throughout the film. The crisp cuts transitioning from horrific sequences to casual scenes create an eccentric vibe.

The film maintains a moderate pace, balanced with suspense, thrill, and occasional humor. The carefully curated tempo allows the audience to absorb the plot and relate with the characters while anticipating the mystery.

The dialogues are sharp, witty and engaging. They reflect the characters and their situations in an authentic way. The casual, friendly chatters juxtaposed with chilling revelations create a commendable screenplay.

One minor critique might be the slight overuse of dark humour, which although different, may not appeal to all. However, for those who enjoy a blend of horror and comedy, `Totally Killer` will prove to be a perfect choice.

Overall, `Totally Killer` is a unique blend of horror, suspense, and dark comedy. It immerses the viewers into a chilling narrative that manages to thrill, entertain and provoke thought - a roller-coaster ride of laughter and scares.