Haunted Mansion

Justin Simien
Rosario Dawson, Chase W. Dillon, LaKeith Stanfield
"A Frightfully Fun Romp Through a Ghostly Mansion"

Posted Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 115

In the Disney creation, `Haunted Mansion`, the plot revolves around real estate agent Jim Evers and his family as they get trapped in a haunted mansion filled with ghosts, mysteries, and eerie occurrences. It is a colorful yet goofy journey laced with Disney`s signature humor and unexpected chills.

The film dances between the themes of family, courage, and love, in a tone tinted with humor, mystery, and mild horror. The atmosphere it creates is not too haunting but intriguing enough to keep viewers on edge.

Eddie Murphy as Jim Evers lights up the screen with his comic timing and remarkable screen presence. However, his comedic prowess sometimes overshadows the eerie ambiance of the movie. The supporting characters add to the funhouse feel with their over-the-top spooky representations.

Rob Minkoff, the director, brings an engaging mix of humor and horror but struggles to maintain the balance, shifting too much towards comedy. A more even approach would have enriched the insidious nature of the mansion.

Haunted Mansion movie review

The music by Mark Mancina effectively lends a ghostly aura to the film, with subtle crescendos and soft lulls that perfectly suit the haunted theme.

Remi Adefarasin`s cinematography beautifully captures the Gothic architecture and the spectral residents, enhancing the eerie charm of the mansion. The lighting is a stand-out that impacts the film`s overall feel.

Production design brings the titular mansion to life. The intricate details of the house - including the cobwebs, antique furniture, and creepy portraits - look straight off a Disney ride turned movie set, providing an immersive viewing experience.

The use of visual effects and CGI to create the ghostly inhabitants of the mansion is commendable. It`s no `The Sixth Sense`, but it is impressive enough to catch the viewer`s attention.

Haunted Mansion movie review

The film`s editing strands together the chaotic events seamlessly, dictating a smooth yet eerie rhythm throughout. It keeps the narrative brisk, driving the film`s spooky yet light-hearted appeal.

The pace of the movie is brisk and eventful, making it a swift ride through the mansion. At times, the plot elements are rushed, leaving room for a deeper exploration of the mansion`s secrets.

While the dialogues are cheesy at times, they cater to the film`s family-friendly tone. Murphy`s quick-witted banter stands out, adding an extra layer of fun to the narrative.

While `Haunted Mansion` is a fun-filled family entertainer that keeps you engaged, it falls short when it comes to creating a truly haunting experience. The excessive lean towards comedy undermines the potential of an eerie ambience the film could have offered.

If you`re looking for lightweight horror with a comic twist, `Haunted Mansion` might be your cup of tea. It is by no means a scare-fest, but an enjoyable romp through a whimsically spooky mansion. It wins not for its scares but for its fun factor, showcasing the charm of a Disney movie touched with a brush of the supernatural.