Henry Selick
Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Saunders
"A Gorgeously Dark Exploration of Alternate Worlds"

Posted Thursday, Nov 09, 2023 107

Henry Selick, the masterful director behind The Nightmare Before Christmas, takes us on a mesmerizing journey through a parallel world in `Coraline`. Based on Neil Gaiman`s venerable novel, Coraline Jones, an imaginative and adventurous 11-year-old girl, discovers an alternate universe where everything seems better than her real world. But as the saying goes, things are never as they seem.

At its core, `Coraline` is a deliciously dark fairy tale accentuated by themes of duality, identity, and the grass being greener on the other side. It combines childhood fantasies and fears in an eerie canvas, wrapped in a fascinating blend of whimsy and anxiety.

Dakota Fanning shines bright in voice as Coraline, lending the character depth and a sense of audacious spirit. Teri Hatcher`s menacing Other Mother, hidden beneath a layer of charm, is downright bone-chilling. Secondary characters also bring a colorful and eccentric whirl to the story.

Henry Selick displays his expertise in stop-motion animation in `Coraline`, setting a compelling narrative with careful attention to visual details. Selick`s knack for intertwining unsettling aspects with profundity is unmissable.

Coraline movie review

The haunting music score by Bruno Coulais plays a key role in setting the moody ambience of `Coraline`. The melodic lullabies interspersed with tinges of melancholic tunes amplify the overall surrealist tone.

The cinematography of `Coraline` is a feast for the eyes. The visual aesthetics, drenched in rich and eccentric colors, evoke a sense of intriguing otherworldliness paralleled with uncanny resemblance to Coraline`s `real` world.

The film`s production design is astonishing. Every minute detail, from the colorful quilted landscapes to the eccentric characters bear the evidence of meticulous craftsmanship, agregating a layer of immersion to the narrative.

The movie doesn`t heavily lean on special effects but excels in stop-motion animation. The Other World`s transformation and unmasking of characters are particularly well handled, adding to the well-orchestrated suspense.

Coraline movie review

The editing of `Coraline` seamlessly blends its dark undertones with sprinkles of childlike wonder. It keeps the narrative tight and intriguing, occasionally revealing dark secrets through impeccable timing.

`Coraline` is a slow-burner, allowing viewers to marvel at the attention to detail in its uniquely handcrafted world, while slowly unearthing its creepy layers.

The unmistakably Gaiman-esque dialog is rich with humor, metaphors, and a subtle sinister undertone. Particularly, the interactions between Coraline and the Other Mother are a thrilling lexical tug of war.

Despite its many merits, `Coraline` might seem overly dark and eerie for its targeted young audience. The pacing may feel slow for some, while others might argue elements of the source material were lost in adaptation. Yet, it excels in creating an unforgettable fantasy realm coupled with a core message of self-acceptance.

`Coraline` left me with a palpable sense of dread and marvel. It`s a chilling, yet beautiful exploration of alternate realities, enforcing the importance of self-discovery and acceptance.