It Follows

01 h 41 m
David Robert Mitchell
Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto
"An Ominous Ode to Adolescence: It Follows"

Posted Thursday, Nov 09, 2023 111

Innovative, intelligent and unsettling, It Follows offers an atmospheric horror thriller with a compelling plot. The movie successfully taps into fundamental human fears and follows a teenage girl who finds herself under a possible death sentence when she is cursed with a supernatural entity following her after a seemingly innocent sexual encounter.

The movie expertly weaves themes of fear, adolescence, and the growing pains associated with coming-of-age. It`s a dark, brooding piece that nonetheless resonates deeply with elements of youthful naivety, confusion, and certain impending doom. The tone is persistently tense, generating unease as it masterfully blurs the lines between reality and paranoia.

The performances are convincing and enthralling, particularly by Maika Monroe. Her character`s vulnerability and increasing desperation are convincingly portrayed, creating a palpable tension that steadies throughout.

As directed by David Robert Mitchell, It Follows showcases its creator`s distinct understanding of the genre`s best qualities. Mitchell`s visual storytelling is superb, leaving viewers in lingering discomfort with his relentless hold on suspense.

It Follows movie review

The music is an absolute standout, as composer Disasterpeace`s electric score enhances the overall sense of dread, always ominously looming, assisting the movie in maintaining its suspenseful tempo.

The cinematography, done by Mike Gioulakis, is evocative and beautifully crafted. With intelligently designed long shots, it enhances the creeping dread and the feeling of being watched, creating an unease that perfectly aligns with the narrative.

The production design fuels the eerie atmosphere with the environment trapped in a timeless ambiguity. The deliberate mismatch in the era of the gadgets, cars, clothing, and decor contributes to an everlasting dread of the unknown.

The movie sports minimal but effective special effects aligning with the film’s overall eerie and disquieting aesthetic. The subtle use of effects, enhancing rather than overpowering the narrative, stands as an exercise in restraint and effective storytelling.

It Follows movie review

The film is seamlessly edited, delivering a tension-filled narrative. The integration of quiet periods with sudden eruptions of suspense keeps the audience on their toes.

Although deliberately paced, It Follows never feels slow. Instead, the movie`s steady rhythm adds to the relentless, unyielding nature of the threat, creating a constant feeling of unease, further augmenting the horror.

Dialog is appropriately raw and believable, presenting a group of ordinary teenagers dealing with extraordinary circumstances. Their interactions never feel contrived but rather a genuine product of their terror-stricken reality.

Some might argue that It Follows lacks the shock factor commonly associated with horror films, but this absence is in its interest. The movie keeps its fear factor alive with its persistently impending dread instead of relying on cheap jump scares. However, the ambiguous ending might not satisfy viewers who prefer conclusive storytelling.

It Follows is a chilling testament to innovative horror. A thought-provoking mix of nail-biting suspense and striking realism - a definite recommend for fans and non-fans of the genre alike, leaving an unsettling impression long after the credits roll.