The Whole Nine Yards

01 h 38 m
Jonathan Lynn
Matthew Perry, Bruce Willis, Natasha Henstridge
"A Convivial Cacophony of Comedy"

Posted Thursday, Nov 09, 2023 98

The Whole Nine Yards spins an enjoyable yarn brimming with dark humor and intricate irony. The plot adeptly juggles deception, romance and murder-for-hire set against the backdrop of suburban monotony.

This film expertly melds crime elements with comic relief, creating a unique fusion of dark comedy and adventure. The tone of this story oscillates between danger and hilarity, providing an absorbing viewing experience.

The performances are superb - Bruce Willis effortlessly slips into the shoes of the gregarious hitman, Jimmy, while Matthew Perry`s performance as the beleaguered dentist, Oz, provides a delightful neurotic counterpoint that fuels the comedic undercurrent.

Director Jonathan Lynn expertly crafts an intricate narrative blend of darkness and light. His adept handling of character interactions coupled with a solid attachment to the comedic aspect of the film shapes a captivating viewing experience.

The Whole Nine Yards movie review

The soundtrack offers a whimsical mix of jazzy melodies and contemporary beats that perfectly complement the nonchalant, somewhat humorous tone of the movie.

The film`s cinema-photography offers a visually pleasing balance of ordinary suburban environments contrasted with the chaotic world of contract killers and deception.

The production design of The Whole Nine Yards excels both in the ordinariness of Oz`s suburban surroundings and in the concealed menace of Jimmy`s mob-related entanglements.

Though the movie does not rely heavily on special effects, it uses them deftly for the occasional action sequences, enhancing the film`s overall believability.

The Whole Nine Yards movie review

The editing is concise, maintaining the movie`s pace and cleverly building anticipation for the various twist and turns within the narrative.

The pace is brisk but expertly controlled, allowing for the comedic and crime aspects of the story to fully emerge.

Each line of dialog is finely tuned to balance nuance, comedy, and exposition. The dialog between Willis and Perry, in particular, serves as a comedy goldmine.

The romantic subplot could have been further developed and some characters` motivations needed more clarity. However, these are minor hiccups in an otherwise enjoyable film.

The Whole Nine Yards encapsulates an experience filled with indulgent laughs, unexpected comedy, and a twisted sense of adventure. Its ever-present humor, allied to a white-knuckle narrative, offers an experience that resonates with heart and thrills.