Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison
"Epic and Lavish Retelling of Ancient Egypt"

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Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, becomes involved in a power struggle with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, ultimately leading to tragedy and the end of an era.

The themes of power, love, and betrayal are central to the film, accompanied by a grand and opulent tone befitting its ancient setting.

Elizabeth Taylor`s portrayal of Cleopatra is mesmerizing, capturing the queen`s intelligence, charisma, and vulnerability. Richard Burton brings a brooding intensity to the character of Mark Antony, and Rex Harrison`s Julius Caesar exudes authority and cunning.

Joseph L. Mankiewicz`s direction is ambitious, capturing the grandeur of ancient Egypt while delving into the complex dynamics of the characters and their relationships.

Cleopatra movie review

The score by Alex North beautifully complements the visual splendor of the film, evoking the grandeur and romance of ancient Egypt.

Leon Shamroy`s cinematography is breathtaking, capturing the sweeping landscapes and intricate palace interiors with a sense of awe-inspiring majesty.

The elaborate production design brings ancient Egypt to life, from intricate costuming to extravagant sets that immerse the audience in the world of Cleopatra.

The special effects, though limited by the technology of the time, still hold up admirably, particularly in the large-scale battle sequences and architectural recreations.

Cleopatra movie review

The film`s editing occasionally feels a bit bloated, with some scenes overstaying their welcome, but overall, it effectively weaves together the intricate plot and character dynamics.

The film`s pace can be slow at times, but it allows for a deeper exploration of the characters and their motivations, adding to the overall epic feel of the narrative.

The dialog is often grandiloquent, befitting the characters and the era, but at times it veers into melodrama, feeling slightly overwrought and detached from natural speech.

While Cleopatra is undeniably a visual and narrative spectacle, its grandiosity occasionally borders on excess, leading to a bloated runtime and some melodramatic moments.

Cleopatra is a captivating epic that transports the audience to the opulence and intrigue of ancient Egypt, driven by Elizabeth Taylor`s powerful performance and a sumptuous production design. While it may not be without flaws, its ambition and scale make it an unforgettable cinematic experience.