Walking Tall

Ex-wrestler and Tennessee Sheriff Buford Pusser walks tall and carries a big stick as he tussles with county-wide corruption and moonshining thugs.

Phil Karlson
Joe Don Baker, Elizabeth Hartman, Gene Evans
"Walking Tall: A Raw and Gritty Tale of Justice and Redemption"

Posted Saturday, Feb 10, 2024 43

Walking Tall follows the true story of Buford Pusser, a former professional wrestler who returns to his small town in Tennessee, only to find it overrun by corruption and organized crime. Determined to clean up the town and seek justice for his family, Buford takes matters into his own hands, leading to a brutal and intense battle against the criminal underworld.

The movie explores themes of justice, redemption, and the struggle of one man against an oppressive system. The tone is raw and gritty, with a sense of desperation and determination permeating every scene.

Joe Don Baker delivers a commanding performance as Buford Pusser, exuding a rugged charisma and unwavering resolve. The supporting cast, including Elizabeth Hartman and Leif Garrett, brings authenticity and depth to their respective characters, adding emotional weight to the story.

Directed by Phil Karlson, Walking Tall is a masterclass in capturing the harsh realities of small-town America. Karlson`s raw and unflinching approach to storytelling immerses the audience in the rugged world of Buford Pusser, painting a vivid and unapologetic portrait of the human spirit.

Walking Tall movie review

The score by Walter Scharf perfectly complements the film`s intense and emotional moments, enhancing the impact of key scenes and adding a layer of depth to the storytelling.

The cinematography skillfully captures the stark beauty and harshness of the Tennessee landscape, creating a visual backdrop that mirrors the unforgiving nature of Buford`s mission.

The production design effectively brings the 1970s setting to life, infusing the film with an authentic and immersive atmosphere that transports the audience to a bygone era of rural America.

While Walking Tall is not reliant on flashy special effects, the practical and realistic approach to action sequences adds a visceral and grounded quality to the film, heightening the impact of Buford`s confrontations with the criminal underworld.

Walking Tall movie review

The editing is sharp and precise, effectively maintaining the film`s momentum and amplifying the tension throughout Buford`s harrowing journey. The pacing strikes a balance between relentless action and poignant character moments, keeping the audience engrossed from start to finish.

The film`s pacing is deliberate and unrelenting, mirroring the relentless determination of its protagonist. The narrative unfolds at a gripping pace, drawing the audience into Buford`s tumultuous quest for justice and retribution.

The dialogue is poignant and authentic, reflecting the harsh realities of the characters` lives and the moral dilemmas they face. From terse confrontations to introspective conversations, the dialogue resonates with emotional depth and authenticity.

While Walking Tall is a visceral and compelling portrayal of one man`s fight for justice, some viewers may find the film`s unflinching depiction of violence and brutality to be challenging. Additionally, the story`s focus on Buford Pusser`s personal vendetta may limit the exploration of broader societal issues related to corruption and law enforcement.

Walking Tall is a raw and unapologetic cinematic experience that leaves a profound impact on its audience. Through its powerful performances, intense storytelling, and unrelenting portrayal of justice and redemption, the film captures the essence of human resilience in the face of overwhelming adversity. Walking Tall stands as a timeless testament to the enduring pursuit of righteousness and the indomitable spirit of the individual.